Robotic tag system

Robotic Post Machine


Genaro J. Martínez, Ricardo Q. Figueroa, Andrew Adamatzky

The "Robotic Tag System" was done in the year 2020. It was an international project worked between the Artificial Life Robotics Laboratory (ALIROB, ESCOM, IPN) and the Unconventional Computing Laboratory (UCL, UWE).

This Robotic Tag System is constructed with modular robots "Cubelets" and LEGO bricks. The robotic Post machine is constructed with 18 Cubelets robots, as follows:

4 driver

8 battery

1 lightness

3 sense

2 rotator

A "tag system" is a formal grammar system proposed by Emil L. Post in 1920 to prove computability and undecidability. The system is based on substitution of binary symbols with binary strings.

The robot executes four operations of the Post tag system: 0 -> 00, 1 -> 1101, v=3, starting with the string 1001 which becomes periodic in the fourth iteration.





        001101 *


We analyze four different initial conditions from which the robot can reach one of the following states:

00011 - halt

100 - periodic

1001 - periodic

10011 - ?

Note that a robotic Turing machine was constructed with Cubelets as well and published in


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